Hi, I am David Decarlo

I am a self-employed, software engineering consultant. I help large corporations build software effectively and efficiently.

I have been self-employed almost all of my adult life. I got lucky, started at an early age, and grew up with the IBM PC and its ancestors. I do fairly well for myself by most peoples standards, but I work very hard for it, and I have always felt there must be an easier way.

You see, I work for myself, in a service business (consultant). If I am not physically putting in hours, usually at some client’s office, I am not making any money. Even the wealthiest of entrepreneurs in the service industry will tell you they have had such droughts, where they have no clients, and no money coming in. It is like you take three steps forward, and then two steps back.

Then, on top of 40+ hours to clients, I have to do my accounting/bookkeeping, sales for follow-on business, marketing, innovation to fuel sales and marketing and to attract clients, etc. I work “for myself”, during most of what should be my personal time. This doesn’t even count the times I drive 1 hour plus, non-billable commute time between my client(s), in heavy, mind-numbing rush hour traffic each day.

Then, one day, while “minding my own business”, I was introduced to a married couple that seemed to have it all. We soon became Facebook friends, and they were always posting from different locations around the world, pictures of them and others enjoying luxurious dinners, always with a beautiful drink in their hands….I mean really living the life….the one that we all want to live.

So, one day, when this couple was not jetsetting, and came home to roost, we got together for dinner and drinks. After talking for awhile, I discovered they worked together, online. They had numerous websites, sold online services, and could do this anywhere, anytime, and made money in their sleep. The most boggling thing about this couple, they are not technical at all…they taught themselves everything they know…learning online as well. They told me if they could do it, I certainly could do it.

So, I figured, why sell Business-To-Business (B2B) with long sales cycles, in services, where I could only scale by the people for which I could find work at any given time (a virtually impossible timing stunt; usually you have a job, or a person that needs one. It is pure luck when you have both), when it could be so much easier in a Business-To-Consumer (B2C) oriented business, and so much easier to scale.

They are in the digital information business to be exact, where PRODUCTS or INFORMATION, can be created and/or sold daily, to consumers, who control their own dollars. Your office is whereever you have a laptop or access to a computer. Your work hours are whatever you want them to be, whenever you want them to be, based upon how much you wish to make.

I was sold…and this is my Journey…from B2B Consultant, to B2C Digital Entrepreneur…join me?